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Ant Esports GM200W Optical Gaming Mouse

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The Ant Esports GM200W is a minimalist mouse offering a perfect balance of comfort and elegant styling via its comfortable clamshell design and subtle RGB lighting. With an optical sensor rated at a variable DPI range of 800-3200, the mouse is built for players that prefer commanding the battlefield due to sheer speed and precision. 3 RGB illuminated areas and 7 buttons offer wide usability be it while gaming or simply during your office work.


The rubberized coating on top of the ergonomic shell adds to the comfort of the player and imparts breathability not only eliminating sweat buildup but also making it comfortable especially during long gaming sessions.


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  1. High Accuracy – With a highly sensitive optical sensor inside the mouse is rated from a range of 800 to 3200 DPI which ensures wide compatibility with play styles without compromising on accuracy.
  2. Ergonomic Design – The classic minimalist design offers maximum grip compatibility and palm support for long gaming sessions.
  3. Four DPI Adjustment on the go – Dedicated DPI switch buttons allow switching of DPI on the go so you don’t miss a shot in the heat of battle.
  4. Silent Operation – The mechanical switches are extremely accurate and quiet at the same time making them perfect for late night squad matches where every sound is audible helping you concentrate on your game more.
  5. Universal Compatibility – The mouse is widely compatible with Windows OS, Mac and Linux.

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About Ant eSports

Our team with their decade’s worth of collective experience in gaming and esports have developed products that give you the competitive edge. Herewith Ant Esports Gaming peripherals, we pay great attention to all contributing factors for a complete gaming experience. This has led us to develop our product line which includes Gaming Keyboards, Mousepads, Headphones and Gaming Chairs with a key emphasis on ergonomics and durability.