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Ant Esports Superflow V2 120 Auto RGB Case Fan

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The Ant Esports Superflow 120 Auto RGB V2 is aimed at offering uncompromised performance without blowing a hole in your packet. These 120mm fans comes rated at 1200 RPM and 38 CFM with just 20 dBA of noise levels thanks to its rubber shims to deliver the best silent cooling performance possible so you can easily concentrate on your game.

The dual sided diffused auto RGB LED rings illuminate your case evenly and doesn’t cause any hindrance to the eyes. With its hydraulic bearing hub the fans are rated at a massive 30,000 Hours of lifespan delivering long term reliable performance for those who want that much needed maintenance free build.

  1. Optimum Cooling – Rated at 1200 RPM these fans produce 38 CFM of high static pressure to deliver optimum cooling in all conditions.
  2. Long Life span – With is hydraulic bearing hub these fans are rated at continuous 30,000 hours of lifespan.
  3. Silent Performance - Due to its noise dampening rubber shims these fans produce a mere 20 dBA of noise at 1200 RPM for that silent performance.
  4. Dual LED Rings – Equipped with dual auto RGB LED rings the Superflow 120 illuminate the case evenly without disturbing your eyes.
  5. Universal Compatibility – Due to its MOLEX connector these fans can be used with any motherboard and build without the need of any RGB utility or header.

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