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Ant Esports MK4500 Pro TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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The Ant Esports MK4500 Pro TKL Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard is the epitome of versatility and productivity. Allowing connection with upto five devices simultaneously via its Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and wires connection, the MK4500 Pro is your one stop solution for all your devices in one place. Simply press a button to switch between the connected devices to realize your dream of a true multi functional setup in a compact work space.


The MK4500 Pro comes equipped with Outemu Red switches for lower actuation and high sensitivity making it ideal not only for aiming but even for typing a simple E-Mail at work or simply a social media post. A dual color combination layout of black and white keys makes the keyboard stand out of the crowd giving your setup a unique appearance.


Coming in with two inter-changeable magnetic face plates the MK4500 Pro can be customized to the mood, time and preference anytime and anywhere. A battery life of upto 200 hours on a single charge done via the ease of a universal and detachable USB Type-C connection.


The MK4500 Pro features multi-zone RGB lighting, so you can type even in pitch dark without missing a beat nor causing obstruction to your vision since the lights are well diffused. And with its compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android devices, you can use this keyboard with a wide range of devices.

  • Multi-Device Connectivity – The MK4500 Pro can be connected and used simultaneously with upto five devices using its Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and wired connectivity modes.
  • Multi-Platform Compatible – Having out of the box compatibility with Android, Mac, Windows and iOS the MK4500 Pro is the true definition of multi-platform support.
  • Long Battery Life – On a single charge the MK4500 Pro lasts for upto 200 hours in standby mode.
  • Detachable Cable – A detachable USB Type-C cable is used not only for usability but also for charging the keyboard making the MK4500 Pro easy to carry around wherever you go.
  • Swappable Face Plates – Coming in with two face plates of different colors the keyboard can be customized as per need by simply swapping the face plates attached to the keyboard via magnets.

About Ant eSports

Our team with their decade’s worth of collective experience in gaming and esports have developed products that give you the competitive edge. Herewith Ant Esports Gaming peripherals, we pay great attention to all contributing factors for a complete gaming experience. This has led us to develop our product line which includes Gaming Keyboards, Mousepads, Headphones and Gaming Chairs with a key emphasis on ergonomics and durability.