Ant Esports Superflow 120 Auto RGB Case Fan
August 17, 2020
supperflow v2
Ant Esports Superflow 120 V2 A-RGB Case Fan
August 17, 2020

Ant Esports Superflow 120 ARGB Case Fan Kit

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  1. Addressable RGB: Double Ring design keeps lighting effects at the top level to enhance your visual experience. It’s compatible with all high-end motherboard manufacturers like Asus, AsRock, Gigabyte & MSI.
  2. Silent Cooling Technology: Noise reduction technology & sound absorbing technique brings down the noise to provide you a quiet working environment.
  3. Hybrid Design: Ant Esports Superflow SF 120 Kit incorporates elements like jet engine & helicopter blade which provide static air pressure without compromising the airflow.
  4. Shock-Absorbing Pads: Shock absorbing shims at all corners protects the fan and reduce vibration noise between the fan and the chassis.
  5. Operation Volt: 12V DC / Start Up Volt : ≤ 6V / Current : 0.16A ± 10% / Speed : 1200 ± 10% RPM / Air Flow (Max) : 38 CFM / Noise : ≤ 20 db. (A) / Air Pressure :1.0 mm HO / Connector: 3Pin + Molex Connector / Life Span : 30,000 Hrs.
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Ant Esports Superflow 120 ARGB Case Fan Pack is a set of three A-RGB Superflow 120 fans along with an ARGB controller. Each 120mm fan in the pack is rated at 1200 RPM and delivers 38 CFM of high static pressure air flow thanks to its helicopter blade-inspired design to deliver high airflow at minimum noise. Rubber shims on the sides make them silent at all times and dampen the vibrations when spinning at full speed making them ideal for silent builds.

The ARGB controller is powered by MOLEX and can be used to connect up to 10 Superflow fans via a 6pin connector at once making this kit ideal for high-end air-cooled builds. You can either control the LED effects and fan speed via the provided controller or use your motherboard’s respective utility to gain full control over the effects.




Anti-Vibration rubber pads at every corner of your fan for a smooth run with a low noise output.


Silent Performance

Due to its noise dampening rubber shims these fans produce a mere 20 dBA of noise at 1200 RPM for that silent performance.




Top Bearing Technology

Hydraulic bearing with long service life to reduce noise/oil overflow and improve heat dissipation efficiency. Life expectancy can exceed 30,000 hours.


Long Life span

With is hydraulic bearing hub these fans are rated at continuous 30,000 hours of lifespan.




Aerodynamic Design

Ant Esports Superflow SF120 KIT ARGB Fans have double ring RGB, Shock-absorbing pads, long-life hydraulic bearing, and 9 unique fan blades for better air circulation.


Dual LED Rings

Equipped with dual auto RGB LED rings the Superflow 120 illuminate the case evenly without disturbing your eyes.




Universal compatibility

The controller is compatible with all motherboard RGB utilities for easy control over the fan LED effects and speed.


Connect up to 10 Fans 

The provided fan controller can be used to connect up to 10 fans at once and comes with dedicated remote control for controlling LED effects on the fans.

Additional information

120 x 120 x 25 mm

Operation Volt

12V DC

Start Up Volt

≤ 6V


0.16A ± 10%

Air Flow



≤ 20 db (A)

Air Pressure

1.0 mm HO


6 Pin Connector


1200 ± 10% RPM

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