The Ant Value H610MAD4-N motherboard is your gateway to seamless and high-performance computing. This motherboard is specifically engineered to support the latest LGA 1700 socket-based Intel CPUs, ensuring you have the power you need for all your computing tasks.With support for DDR4 memory rated at up to a blazing 3200MHz and a maximum capacity of 64GB, you can count on lightning-fast data access and efficient multitasking. What sets the H610MAD4-N apart is its M.2 PCIe Gen3.0x4 slot, which opens the door to lightning-fast storage with NVMe and SATA SSD support.Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or a professional seeking reliable and powerful computing, the Ant Value H610MAD4-N motherboard is your solution for a smoother, more responsive, and feature-rich system. Elevate your computing experience with this motherboard's exceptional performance and versatility.
  • LGA 1700 CPU Support: The Ant Value H610MAD4-N motherboard is designed to support LGA 1700 socket-based Intel CPUs. This ensures compatibility with the latest generation of Intel processors, enabling you to build a powerful and up-to-date system.
  • DDR4 Memory Support: This motherboard offers support for DDR4 memory modules rated at speeds of up to 3200MHz. With a total memory capacity of up to 64GB, you can enjoy fast and efficient multitasking, smooth performance in applications, and seamless gaming experiences.
  • High-Speed Storage: The motherboard features an M.2 PCIe Gen3.0x4 slot, which is compatible with NVMe and SATA SSDs. This allows for lightning-fast data transfer speeds, quick boot times, and reduced loading times for your operating system and applications, enhancing overall system responsiveness.
  • Expansion and Connectivity: The Ant Value H610MAD4-N motherboard comes equipped with multiple expansion slots and ports, ensuring versatility in your system configuration. It provides options for connecting various peripherals, such as graphics cards, additional storage devices, and more, to meet your specific needs.
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective: As part of the "Value" series, this motherboard is designed to offer a balance between performance and affordability. It provides a solid foundation for a budget-friendly build without compromising on essential features, making it an ideal choice for those looking for reliable performance within a reasonable budget.

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