The Ant Esports Wente 250 is the ultimate streaming microphone designed to elevate your audio game. This microphone isn't just about sound; it's a visual masterpiece with built-in RGB lighting that adds a captivating flair to your setup. With its advanced cardioid pickup pattern, the Wente 250 ensures your voice takes center stage, reducing background noise to a minimum. But that's not all – this microphone offers unparalleled flexibility with its 360-degree rotatable shock mount, making it perfect for any recording setup.Say goodbye to compatibility woes because the Wente 250 is powered by a USB Type-A cable, offering universal compatibility with all your devices without the need for special drivers – it's a true plug-and-play solution. Plus, it's incredibly versatile with a 3/8" mounting hole, ensuring it fits seamlessly with boom arms and tripods. For those who demand real-time audio monitoring, the 3.5mm jack allows you to hear your voice output in real time. And for added convenience, a dedicated mic mute button is at your fingertips, illuminated in red when activated. With the Ant Esports Wente 250, your streaming or recording setup just reached new heights of quality, versatility, and style.
  • Dynamic RGB Lighting: The Ant Esports Wente 250 streaming microphone not only delivers exceptional audio quality but also adds a dynamic visual element to your streaming setup with its built-in RGB lighting. Customize the lighting effects to match your mood or your content's theme, making your streams stand out.
  • Superior Sound Quality: With a cardioid pickup pattern, the Wente 250 excels at reducing background noise, ensuring that your voice is the star of the show. Your audience will hear you loud and clear, free from distractions.
  • 360-Degree Rotating Shock Mount: This streaming mic comes equipped with a highly flexible shock mount that can rotate a full 360 degrees. Whether you're recording content solo or collaborating with others, you can easily adjust the microphone's position for the perfect angle and sound capture.
  • Universal Compatibility and Monitoring: The Wente 250 simplifies your setup with a USB Type-A connection, making it universally compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers and gaming consoles. Additionally, it features a 3.5mm jack for live audio monitoring, allowing you to hear your voice in real time for precise control over your audio output.
  • Mic Mute with LED Indicator: Stay in control of your stream with the dedicated mic mute button on the Wente 250. When activated, the button lights up in red, providing a clear visual cue to both you and your audience that your microphone is temporarily muted, ensuring privacy and professionalism during your streams or recordings.
Warranty Summary
  • 1 Year from the date of purchase
Covered in Warranty
  • Warranty is applicable on manufacturing defects (If any) for 1 Year from the date of purchase.
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Unauthorized tampering, modification or repair physical damage; water Damage or any other damage due to heat, humidity, moisture and mishandling doing operations
Service Type
  • Warranty claim along with the necessary contact information required: RMA Portal –


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