The Ant Esports Si26 is a gaming cabinet designed with professionals in mind, seamlessly blending functionality and style. Perfect for offices and professional workspaces, the Si26 features a complete opaque side panel with perforations strategically placed for direct airflow to the CPU cooler, ensuring optimal thermal performance.The front mesh panel enhances the intake of fresh air, contributing to a cool and efficient system. With a convenient handle on top, the Si26 offers portability for those on the move, ensuring easy relocation when needed. Ideal for professional setups, this case accommodates CPU air coolers of up to 145mm in height, ATX motherboards, and supports simultaneous installation of two 3.5" HDDs and three 2.5" SSDs.The IO panel includes two USB 2.0 ports, a single USB 3.0 port, standard buttons, and audio ports for versatile connectivity. A thoughtful design includes 28mm of wire management space at the back of the motherboard, maintaining a clean and organized workspace.The Si26 supports efficient cooling with space for a single 120mm fan in the front and a 90mm fan at the back, ensuring a balance between performance and a professional aesthetic. Elevate your professional workspace with the Ant Esports Si26, a cabinet that prioritizes functionality, cooling, and convenience for a seamless computing experience.
  • Professional Elegance with Practical Features: The Ant Esports Si26 gaming cabinet strikes a perfect balance between professional aesthetics and practical functionality. With a complete opaque side panel, this cabinet maintains a sleek appearance ideal for office and professional environments, while perforations ensure direct airflow to the CPU cooler for efficient cooling performance.
  • Optimized Airflow Design: Featuring a front mesh panel, the Si26 ensures a steady intake of fresh air, promoting optimal ventilation for the internal components. The thoughtful design contributes to a well-ventilated system, crucial for maintaining stable temperatures during demanding professional workloads.
  • Convenient Portability: The inclusion of a handle on top of the cabinet adds a convenient touch for professionals on the move. Whether you need to reposition your system within the office or transport it to a different location, the handle makes the Ant Esports Si26 easily maneuverable.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Despite its compact design, the Si26 offers ample storage options. It supports up to two 3.5" HDDs and three 2.5" SSDs simultaneously, accommodating the storage needs of professionals working with large datasets or extensive project files.
  • Efficient Cable Management and Cooling Support: The Si26 understands the importance of cable management in professional setups. With 28mm of wire management space at the back of the motherboard, it ensures a clean and organized interior. The cabinet also supports a single 120mm fan in the front and a 90mm fan at the back, contributing to effective cooling without compromising its professional appeal.

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