The Ant Esports PS5 Controller Charging Station is the perfect companion for Sony PlayStation 5 enthusiasts. This sleek and efficient charging station is designed to hold two PS5 DualSense controllers simultaneously, ensuring you're always ready for your next gaming session.The station can be conveniently placed on top of the Sony PS5 and connected via the provided cable, offering a hassle-free charging solution. With fast charging capabilities, it fully charges two controllers in just 2.5 hours, so you can get back to gaming without unnecessary delays. The built-in smart chip adds an extra layer of protection, preventing overloading or damage due to overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits.Stay informed about your controllers' charging status with the intuitive indicators – red while charging, blue when fully charged, and grey in standby mode. The anti-slip rubber pads ensure a firm grip, providing stability for your controllers while also saving valuable space.Keep your PS5 controllers organized, charged, and ready for action with the Ant Esports PS5 Controller Charging Station – the ultimate accessory for a seamless and efficient gaming experience.
  • Simultaneous Charging for DualSense Controllers: The Ant Esports PS5 Controller Charging Station is designed to conveniently hold and charge two PS5 DualSense controllers simultaneously. This feature ensures that both controllers are ready for use, eliminating the need to wait for individual charging sessions.
  • Fast Charging with Efficient Performance: The charging station supports fast charging, enabling it to fully charge two controllers within 2.5 hours. This efficient performance ensures a quick turnaround time, allowing gamers to get back to their gaming sessions without unnecessary delays.
  • Intuitive Charging Status Indicators: Equipped with intuitive indicators, the charging station provides clear information about the charging status of the controllers. The red light indicates charging, the blue light signifies a fully charged controller, and the grey light indicates standby mode. This visual feedback makes it easy for users to determine the charging status at a glance.
  • Smart Chip for Advanced Protection: The built-in smart chip in the charging station plays a crucial role in safeguarding the controllers. It provides protection against overloading, overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits. This advanced protection ensures the longevity and safety of the PS5 DualSense controllers during the charging process.
  • Space-Saving Design with Anti-Slip Pads: The charging station features anti-slip rubber pads, providing a firm grip on the controllers and preventing accidental slips. Additionally, the design allows users to store the controllers securely on top of the charging station, saving space and maintaining an organized gaming setup. The combination of a secure grip and space-saving design enhances the overall convenience and functionality of the Ant Esports PS5 Controller Charging Station.

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