The Ant Esports NC120 is your one-stop solution for not only cooling your laptops but also routers and other portable devices that need efficient yet whisper-quiet cooling. Equipped with a 125mm silent blue LED fan the NC120 is ideal for cooling office and mid-level gaming laptops without creating much noise or consuming on your laptop battery.Two USB ports ensure that you never run out of connectivity options while you keep the Ant Esports NC120 powered on via your laptop’s own USB port. Two durable and sturdy baffles prevent your laptop from sliding down or falling off, it’s not just a laptop cooling pad, but also a perfect laptop cooling stand.With a maximum support for up to 15.6” laptops the NC120 is enough for most laptops but is also highly compact and can be carried around in backpacks wherever you go. Keep a healthy posture thanks to the four available inclination levels. By tilting the keyboard and keeping the screen at eye level, your hands, wrists, arms, back, and neck will always have the perfect alignment for the best comfort.
  • High Cooling Performance – Equipped with a 125mm blue LED fan the NC120 efficiently cools down laptops and notebooks without generating much noise.
  • Height Adjustability – With four-step height adjustability you have multiple options to choose from and place the laptop at the desired height for maximum comfort.
  • Dual USB Ports – No need to compromise on connectivity as the At Esports NC120 comes with two USB ports so you have enough ports to connect all your peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printers, or even for charging your cell phone.
  • Anti-Slip Design – Two sturdy baffles ensure that the laptop does not skid off when you put it at an inclined to give your body a healthy posture without worrying about the safety of your device.
  • Upto 15.6” Laptop Support – The NC120 can support laptops of up to 15.6” in size ensuring high compatibility with most laptop and notebook models out there.

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