The Ant Esports MP400R RGB is a soft gaming mouse pad designed for uncompromised performance and tasteful lighting. With a natural rubber base, the pad is highly anti-slip and serves as a solid base for your keyboard and mouse even through hard keystrokes or quick flicks.  Optimized for all sensor play styles and sensitivity settings you get total tracking responsiveness and performance.

 This MP400R RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is pixel-precise targeting and tracking Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors with no delay or disconnection situation.

Super Glow Fiber provides a distinctive appearance chosen from a total of 14 lighting modes including single color modes breath lighting modes flash modes wave modes red blue green yellow cyan purple white... you can discover modes that you like.

Featuring multi-color lighting that is intricately woven inside a 4mm thick surface the Ant Esports MP400R has an optimized micro-textured cloth surface to allow for both speed and control playstyles—providing ultimate precision no matter what game you play.