Ant Esports MP200 Medium Waterproof Mousepad
August 14, 2020
Ant Esports MP250 Gaming Mousepad – Control Edition
August 14, 2020

Ant Esports MP300 Large Extended Waterproof Mousepad

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  1. This mouse pad is large Extended enough to fit your mouse/keyboard.
  2. The silky smooth surface provides the optimal surface for gaming sensors and less resistance.
  3. Our plush 3mm thick professional gaming mouse pad provides the most comfortable gaming and working experience. 
  4. This mouse pad has a waterproof coating to prevent damage from spilled drinks or other accidents.
  5. This mouse pad is built to last and has quality stitching around its edges to ensure it doesn’t fray or fall apart. 
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Ant Esports MP300 Gaming Mouse Pad is an extended mouse pad that turns an area of your desk into a consistent and comfortable computer gaming or working space. Perfect for playing first-person shooters and for other computing activities requiring extra control like graphic designing and video editing. It is great for those who set their mice with lower DPI settings since the premium surface on the MP300 is smooth and offers negligible resistance when moving your mouse for that precise headshot in the heat of battle. This mouse pad features a micro-textured cloth surface that is soft and resilient to give you more control over your mouse. The rubber base prevents the pad from sliding on the desk when making fast mouse movements or typing a lot with your keyboard.



No-Slip Base

Soft cloth surface with rubber base ensures precise, accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk

Durable Construction

Stitched edges effectively prevent fraying and also increase the life span of the pad manifold.





Large Size

Measuring 800 x300 x 3mm this mouse pad covers the area for a full-sized keyboard and mouse, providing plenty of room for professional gaming or office work

Easy to Clean

MP300 is also easy to clean because it’s made of fine-textured, water-resistant fabric and high-density rubber that you can wash without worry.






Minimalist Design 

No big logos or graphics across the pad to distract you during intensive gaming sessions

Additional information

3 mm

Machine Washable:



800 x 300 x 3mm




A waterproof coating on the mouse pad to prevent damage


Red and Black

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