The Ant Esports MMR50 is a revolutionary desktop RAM cooler designed to elevate your gaming and computing experience. Crafted from durable yet lightweight aluminum alloy, this cooler is built to withstand the demands of high-performance computing. Equipped with two advanced ARGB fans, the MMR50 ensures optimal cooling for your RAM modules even during intense tasks or overclocking sessions.The PWM-controlled fans offer customizable speed settings via the BIOS, while the ARGB lighting can be synchronized with popular software such as MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, allowing you to personalize your setup. Thanks to the hydro bearing technology, the MMR50 operates with minimal noise, ensuring a distraction-free environment during work or gaming.The tool-less buckle design simplifies installation on any RAM slot, making it compatible with all DDR class desktop RAM, whether equipped with heatsinks or RGB lights. Keep your system running cool and stylish with the Ant Esports MMR50 RAM cooler, a must-have for enthusiasts seeking both performance and aesthetics.
  • Efficient Cooling Performance: The Ant Esports MMR50 desktop RAM cooler is engineered for high durability and efficient cooling. Crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, it ensures the longevity of the cooler while effectively dissipating heat. The cooler features two ARGB fans that deliver a direct and focused airflow onto the RAM modules, maintaining optimal temperatures even during intense tasks such as overclocking or prolonged usage under full load.
  • Customizable ARGB Lighting: Enhance your desktop aesthetics with the MMR50's two ARGB fans. The ARGB lighting is compatible with popular software platforms such as MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, allowing users to personalize the lighting effects to match their system's theme. The customizable lighting adds a stylish touch to the RAM cooler and complements other RGB components in the build.
  • PWM Fans with Low Noise Operation: The cooler's PWM fans offer variable speed control through the BIOS, allowing users to adjust the fan speed according to their cooling requirements. Utilizing hydro bearing technology, the fans operate quietly, minimizing noise interference during work or gaming sessions. This ensures a silent and immersive computing experience while maintaining efficient cooling.
  • Tool-Less Buckle Design for Easy Installation: The MMR50 incorporates a user-friendly tool-less buckle design, making installation a breeze. Users can easily secure the cooler onto any RAM slot without the need for additional tools. This design simplifies the upgrading process and ensures compatibility with all DDR-class desktop RAM, whether equipped with heatsinks or RGB lights.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The MMR50 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of desktop RAM configurations. Whether your RAM modules feature heatsinks or RGB lights, this cooler accommodates all DDR-class RAM, offering a versatile cooling solution for different setups. This compatibility ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of enhanced cooling performance without worrying about RAM compatibility issues.
Warranty Summary
  • 1 Year from the date of purchase
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  • Warranty is applicable on manufacturing defects (If any) for 1 Year from the date of purchase.
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Unauthorized tampering, modification or repair physical damage; water Damage or any other damage due to heat, humidity, moisture and mishandling doing operations
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