The stylish Ant Esports MKWM2023 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is perfect for the home office or workplace. Ditch the touch-pad for this full size keyboard and mouse. Easily connect using Ant Esports's plug and forget receiver—just plug it into the USB port, and you're ready to work. There's no lengthy installation procedure to slow you down. The MKWM2023 is made out of premium grade plastic to avoid any flexing and offers solid build quality making it ideal for carrying around either indoors or even during travel so you have the perfect companion no matter where you go.Both the keyboard and mouse included in the MKWM2023 combo use a wireless 2.4GHz connectivity to provide seamless, interruption free use. With its 2.4Ghz connectivity and stealthy black design the combo is not only perfect for office work but for gaming too offering zero lag to keep you ahead of the competition. Work longer and hassle free with the MKWM2023's battery efficient mechanism offering more than a year’s battery life for an average user.
  • Reliable Plug and Play - The USB receiver provides a reliable wireless connection up to 33 ft, so you can forget about drop-outs and delays no matter where you move around for working or gaming alike.
  • Type in Comfort - The design of this keyboard creates a comfortable typing experience thanks to the low-profile, quiet keys and standard layout with full-size F-keys, number pad, and arrow keys
  • Lag free Connectivity – With a 2.4Ghz connectivity the MKWM2023 is ideal for gaming thanks to its lag free nature so you always stay ahead of the competition.
  • Log Battery Life – With its energy efficient design the keyboard and mouse combo offers upto an year’s battery life on normal usage so you can work or pay hassle free.
  • Universal Compatibility - The Ant Esports MKWM2023 is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac so you can work with a peace of mind.

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