Hone your skills and dominate the battlefield with the Ant Esports KM500 Keyboard-Mouse Gaming Combo. The plug-and-play keyboard is universally compatible with Windows and Mac and is built out of premium-grade plastic with a brushed aluminum finish on top. The keycaps are highly durable and made out of double shot ABS plastic with per key backlit which is tastefully diffused evenly by the thin polymer sheet giving a well-lit experience that isn’t too harsh making it ideal for use in dim light at night.A comfortable anti-slip rubberized coating paired with a highly sensitive optical sensor makes the mouse a perfect weapon for gaming which you can customize on the go with its dedicated DPI toggle button. DPI ranging from as low as 800 DPI goes all the way up to 3200 DPI making the mouse ideal for every genre and gaming style.With dedicated wrist support, the keyboard ensures comfortable usage even at a stretch while at the office or when in the heat of battle. A LED-backlit scroll wheel illuminates the immediate mousepad area giving you better control over your crosshair even at night and in dim light.
  1. Premium Membrane Implementation - The Keyboard comes with a membrane to diffuse the RGB lights evenly while the keycaps are double-shot ABS for ultimate comfort and durability.
  2. Reinforced Aluminum Design - Underneath the brushed aluminum finish the keyboard is reinforced with an aluminum plate to avoid warping and ensures longevity.
  3. Plug and Play - The keyboard and mouse are both plug and play without the need for any external software and can be used with both Windows and Mac.
  4. Braided Cable and Rubberized Coating – Coming with a braided cable the mouse not only offer a premium touch but with an anti-slip rubberized coating becomes comfortable to use during long gaming sessions too.
  5. High DPI Optical Sensor - Mouse is coated with an anti-slip rubberized finish and is equipped with a high DPI optical sensor sensitive to up to  3200DPI making it perfect for gaming and productivity especially with buttons for on-the-go switching.

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