Ant Esports H707 HD gaming headset is designed to deliver optimum sound quality with maximum comfort. Hear your games come alive in ways you’ve never heard before thanks to the 50mm drivers and get the tactical advantage over your foes. H707 maximizes the accuracy for the specific sound like weapon fire, gunshot, etc., and attains a full range of audio from deep bass to sonic highs so you can experience a 360-degree sound stage of the game they are playing.Combining metal support with a suspended padded over-the-head strap, the headset relieves the pressure on ears effectively and provides a comfortable fit for extended use. The fully-enclosed ear cups are constructed with allergy-free and breathable materials, and covered with leatherette to ensure long-lasting comfort. The omnidirectional noise cancellation microphone is highly receptive and transmits your voice clearly even in a noisy environment.
  1. Optimum Sound Quality - A pair of custom-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers delivers excellent sound quality with a wide range, reliable accuracy, and spatial awareness.
  2. High Comfort - Plush memory foam with an adjustable head strap, combined with a lightweight at just 300gm, provides the comfort you need for hours of gameplay.
  3. External audio control -  Mute button and volume control housed on the high-grade durable braided wire are designed conveniently for quick and convenient adjustment
  4. RGB Lights – The cups have RGB lights that are well diffused to give you a subtle glow causing no hindrance to your teammates sitting next to you.
  5. Noise Cancellation Mic – H707 RGB comes with a 160-degree rotating noise-cancelling microphone that is ergonomically designed so you can be heard in relatively noisy environments without having to repeat yourself.

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