ouyiyPerform to shine and Build to last – This is the motto with which the Ant Esports GM300 gaming mouse is made. Equipped with a highly accurate and fast optical sensor that ranges from 1200 to 4800 DPI and offers four variable polling rates of up to 1000Hz, this mouse is the perfect weapon for fast-paced battles that demand high speed with utmost accuracy. A side fin adds to the ergonomically perfect design of the mouse giving extra thumb support to people who like to indulge in long gaming sessions or want a mouse for gaming and editing alike.  With 5 RGB Backlit areas and the go DPI switch button the GM300 is made for every game and every play style possible. All the RGB illuminated areas along with the 7 buttons are programmable and support macro editing thanks to the provided utility software so that each mouse is custom-made to your taste and requirements.11. High Accuracy – With a highly sensitive optical sensor inside the mouse is rated from a range of 1200 to 4800 DPI and maximum polling rate of 1000Hz which ensures wide compatibility with play styles without compromising on accuracy.12. Ergonomic Design – The added tail fin on the side makes it ergonomically perfect and provides thumb rest for long gaming sessions ensuring maximum comfort.3. 6 DPI Adjustment on the go – Dedicated DPI switch buttons allow switching of DPI on the go so you don’t miss a shot in the heat of battle.44. Silent Operation – The mechanical switches are extremely accurate and quiet at the same time making them perfect for late night squad matches where every sound is audible helping you concentrate on your game more.5. Software Support – All the RGB lights and buttons can be controlled and programmed as per the need and taste of the user via the provided utility letting you make the most out of your mouse.3

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