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February 6, 2021
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Ant Esports GAMEi Gaming Glasses with Blue Light Filter

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  1. Full Rim Frame with a matte finish
  2. Clearer vision reduces dry eyes and provides blue light protection
  3. Filters 85% of Blue Light that’s harmful to the eyes
  4. Flexible and light frame for increased comfort and durability
  5. Ultra-Light, Universal Size, Comfortable to wear for a long time

Designed specifically for Gaming and daily usage alike, Ant eSports GAMEi Gaming Glasses filter out the harmful blue light emitted during gaming sessions by up to 85% and not only protect your eyes but also delay fatigue and redness, allowing you to play longer and better! These are designed for universal fitting and can be used by anyone, everywhere thanks to their attractive design and high-grade build quality.

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Ant Esports Gamei Gaming Glasses are specifically designed to filter out the harmful blue light by up to 85% that is emitted by the screens and cause fatigue and redness to the eyes making you feel irritated and tired during your long gaming sessions. With an ergonomically designed stylish yet lightweight frame made out of premium grade plastic composed of vibrant red and black accents, these glasses are perfect not only for gaming but also as a daily driver. The textured pattern near the ears gives it a snug fit so they won’t slip off when using outdoors and the universal fit design makes them suitable for anyone and everyone. Gamei gaming glasses enhance performance and provide a competitive edge so that you can play better while looking great!




High Blue light blockage

Gamei Gaming glasses filter out the harmful blue light by up to 85% and protect your eyes not only while gaming but also during daytime from visible blue light emitted by the sun.






Premium grade lens

UV-treated polycarbonate, anti-reflective, anti-scratch lenses make these glasses highly durable and fit for not only indoors but outdoor usage too.

Full Rim Frame with a matte finish

A unisex, lightweight and ergonomically designed frame is not only functional but highly stylish too.






Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

With their heavy-duty lenses, lightweight frame, and textured ear grips these glasses are comfortable to wear all day long and can sustain jerks or bumps with ease without causing any fatigue due to their negligible weight.







Larger Viewing Angle 

These glasses not only filter out blue light but also offer a larger field of view when playing games, watching movies, or simply working in the office hence comforting the eyes from unnecessary strain or fatigue





Additional information
Lens Width

50 mm

Nose Bridge

19 mm

Temple Length

135 mm

Blue Light Prevention