Elevate your content creation game with the Ant Esports CARK 12R RGB Ringlight! This powerful and versatile ring light is designed to take your photography and video projects to the next level. Measuring in at a generous 12 inches in diameter, it provides you with stunning, evenly-distributed lighting that enhances your subjects and scenes.With an impressive array of features, the CARK 12R offers a staggering 35 color modes and ten adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to fine-tune your lighting to perfection. Whether you're shooting makeup tutorials, live streaming, YouTube videos, or simply want to level up your selfies, this ring light has you covered. The included 5.2 feet tall tripod stand ensures that you can position your ring light at the perfect height and angle for any situation. Plus, the convenient in-line controller puts the power in your hands, allowing you to effortlessly adjust brightness levels and color temperatures to achieve the ideal lighting conditions for your content. Whether you're a content creator, makeup artist, or live streamer, the Ant Esports CARK 12R RGB Ringlight is your trusted companion for achieving professional-quality results every time. Step into the spotlight and let your creativity shine with this must-have lighting tool!
  • Stunning Illumination: Elevate your content creation with the Ant Esports CARK 12R RGB Ringlight. With its generous 12-inch diameter, this ring light delivers beautifully diffused, flicker-free lighting that enhances your videos, makeup, live streams, and YouTube content.
  • Versatile Color Modes: Unleash your creativity with 35 vibrant color modes at your fingertips. Whether you want warm, cool, or something in between, the CARK 12R allows you to customize the lighting to match your mood, style, or setting.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Achieve the perfect lighting intensity with ten adjustable brightness levels. The in-line controller gives you the power to fine-tune the lighting to suit any environment or occasion, ensuring you always look your best on camera.
  • Complete Setup: This ring light comes with a sturdy 5.2 feet tall tripod stand, providing a stable platform for your lighting needs. The included stand allows you to position the ring light at the ideal height for your specific use, whether it's for makeup application, streaming, or shooting videos.
  • Versatile Applications: The Ant Esports CARK 12R is your all-in-one lighting solution for various creative endeavors. Whether you're a makeup artist, live streamer, YouTuber, or content creator, this RGB ring light is designed to enhance your work and bring your vision to life with stunning, customizable lighting effects. Say goodbye to subpar lighting and hello to professional-quality results with the CARK 12R RGB Ringlight by Ant Esports.

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