Elevate your creative lighting game with the Ant Esports CALL10 RGB Light Stick, a versatile and powerful tool designed to ignite your imagination. With a wide color temperature range spanning from 2500K to 9000K, this light stick empowers you to achieve the perfect ambiance for your photos, videos, and live streams. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures you stay illuminated for extended periods without interruptions.What sets the CALL10 apart is its intuitive LED display and convenient control buttons, allowing you to fine-tune lighting and effects settings on the fly. Whether you're aiming for a warm, cozy glow or a crisp, vibrant burst of color, you have complete creative control at your fingertips. Plus, the included remote control adds an extra layer of convenience to your lighting setup.Designed with versatility in mind, the CALL10 features 1/4 inch mounts, making it compatible with tripods and various accessories for effortless mounting. Whether you're a content creator, photographer, or videographer, the Ant Esports CALL10 RGB Light Stick is your go-to solution for adding dynamic, customizable lighting effects to your projects. Illuminate your world and capture stunning visuals like never before with the CALL10 by your side.
  • Versatile RGB Lighting: The Ant Esports CALL10 RGB Light Stick is your creative lighting solution, offering a wide color temperature range from 2500K to 9000K. Whether you need warm, cool, or vibrant colors, this light stick has you covered, making it perfect for photography, videography, and various creative projects.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, the CALL10 ensures you have consistent lighting without the hassle of replacing batteries. Enjoy uninterrupted use during your shoots or events, knowing your lighting is always ready to go.
  • Intuitive LED Display and Controls: With a user-friendly LED display and easy-to-access buttons, you can adjust lighting settings and effects in real-time. Fine-tune your lighting to match your vision without interrupting your workflow.
  • Remote Control Convenience: The included remote control allows you to change lighting colors, modes, and settings from a distance. This feature is especially handy for solo content creators and photographers who want to maintain control without assistance.
  • Mounting Flexibility: The CALL10 light stick supports 1/4 inch mounts, making it easy to attach to tripods and other compatible accessories. This versatility ensures you can position your lighting exactly where you need it, whether you're shooting in a studio or on location. Elevate your lighting game and unleash your creativity with the Ant Esports CALL10 RGB Light Stick.

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