The Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI Cable is your Ultimate Connection Solution for Gaming and Office Environments! Unleash the full potential of your entertainment and work setups with the Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI Cable. Boasting an impressive 3-meter length, this cable is designed for flexibility and convenience, making it a perfect fit for both gamers and office users.Featuring gold-plated connectors, the AEH103 minimizes signal loss during transmission, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection. HDMI 2.0 compliance means it can effortlessly handle 4K 60Hz transmissions, delivering stunning visuals and crisp details to enhance your gaming or professional experience.What sets the Ant Esports AEH103 apart is its support for return audio, providing a comprehensive audio-visual solution in one cable. Immerse yourself in rich, high-fidelity sound without the need for additional setups. Additionally, HDR support takes your visual experience to the next level, offering vibrant colors and enhanced contrast for devices and content that support this cutting-edge technology.Versatility is at the core of the AEH103, with wide compatibility across various devices. Connect it to your TV, projector, PC, laptop, or gaming console – this cable seamlessly integrates into your tech ecosystem. Whether you're a gamer seeking optimal performance or a professional in need of reliable connectivity for presentations, the Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI Cable is your go-to choice.Upgrade your connectivity and elevate your audio-visual experience with the Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI Cable. Unleash the power of seamless, high-quality connections for both work and play!
  • High-Performance Signal Transmission: The Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI cable, with its 3-meter length, is engineered for optimal performance. Gold-plated connectors ensure minimal signal loss during transmission, delivering a reliable and high-quality connection for both gamers and office users.
  • 4K 60Hz Transmission with HDR Support: This HDMI 2.0 compliant cable supports 4K resolution at 60Hz, providing a crisp and immersive visual experience. With HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, users can enjoy richer and more vibrant colors, enhancing the quality of content on compatible devices.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The AEH103 HDMI cable is designed to be widely compatible, making it suitable for various applications. Whether you're connecting it to a TV, projector, PC, laptop, or gaming console, this cable ensures seamless compatibility, offering flexibility for both gaming and professional use.
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) Support: This cable goes beyond video transmission by supporting return audio. This feature simplifies connectivity for home theater systems or setups where audio needs to be sent back from the display to the source device without the need for an additional audio cable.
  • Durable and Reliable Design: The Ant Esports AEH103 HDMI cable combines performance with durability. The 3-meter length provides ample reach, and the cable is built with high-quality materials to withstand regular use. This makes it an ideal choice for users seeking a reliable and long-lasting HDMI cable for gaming sessions or office presentations.
Warranty Summary
  • 1 Year from the date of purchase
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  • Warranty is applicable on manufacturing defects (If any) for 1 Year from the date of purchase.
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Unauthorized tampering, modification or repair physical damage; water Damage or any other damage due to heat, humidity, moisture and mishandling doing operations
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