The Ant Esports AEH002 HDMI cable is designed for gamers and office users alike who demand high-quality, high-speed connectivity for their devices. This 2m long cable features a braided nylon exterior for added durability and a sleek look that complements any setup.The gold-plated connectors ensure minimal signal loss during transmission, ensuring that your video and audio signals are crystal clear. Our cable is HDMI 2.0 compliant, allowing for 4K 60Hz transmission with ease. Plus, it supports return audio, making it the perfect choice for home theater systems or gaming setups that require both video and audio connectivity.Whether you're a gamer looking for reliable connectivity for your console or a professional needing high-speed transmission for presentations or meetings, the Ant Esports AEH002 HDMI cable is the perfect choice. It's durable, reliable, and provides exceptional video and audio quality for all your needs. Upgrade your setup today with the Ant Esports AEH002 HDMI cable!
  • High-quality signal transmission: The Ant Esports AEH002 HDMI cable is designed with gold-plated connectors that help minimize signal loss during transmission, ensuring that you get the best quality image and sound output possible.
  • Versatile use: The cable is suitable for both gamers and office use, as it can handle 4K 60Hz transmission, making it perfect for streaming high-quality video content, playing games, or even giving presentations.
  • Durable construction: The 2m long braided nylon cable is designed to be durable, making it ideal for frequent use. The braided nylon material adds extra strength and helps prevent tangling or damage to the cable.
  • Easy to use: The HDMI 2.0 compliant cable is easy to use and requires no special installation. Simply plug one end of the cable into your device and the other end into your TV, monitor, or other display device.
  • Return audio support: The cable supports return audio, which means that it can send audio signals from your TV back to your soundbar or other audio device, eliminating the need for separate audio cables. This feature is especially useful for gamers who want to enjoy high-quality sound while playing their favorite games.
Warranty Summary
  • 1 Year from the date of purchase
Covered in Warranty
  • Warranty is applicable on manufacturing defects (If any) for 1 Year from the date of purchase.
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Unauthorized tampering, modification or repair physical damage; water Damage or any other damage due to heat, humidity, moisture and mishandling doing operations
Service Type
  • Warranty claim along with the necessary contact information required: RMA Portal –


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