Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the Ant Esports 711 Air is a perfect companion for gaming enthusiasts and PC builders. With its spacious interior and advanced features, the 711 Air provides an exceptional gaming experience.The 711 Air is built to accommodate motherboards of up to E-ATX size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of gaming configurations. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, this cabinet has the flexibility to house your dream PC.When it comes to storage, the 711 Air offers impressive options. You can install up to two 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" SSDs or four 2.5" SSDs simultaneously, providing ample space for your games, media, and files. Say goodbye to storage limitations and enjoy the freedom to expand your collection without compromise.Keeping your system cool is a priority, and the 711 Air excels in this aspect. The top of the cabinet supports a 360mm radiator, allowing you to unleash the power of liquid cooling for efficient heat dissipation. Additionally, air coolers with a maximum height of 170mm are supported, enabling high-performance air cooling solutions.Convenience and accessibility are key features of the 711 Air. The front IO panel boasts two USB 3.0 ports, ensuring fast and seamless connectivity for your peripherals. The inclusion of a USB Type-C port further enhances the versatility of this cabinet, accommodating the latest devices with ease.To elevate your gaming experience, the 711 Air comes equipped with four pre-installed ARGB fans. These fans not only provide optimal airflow but also add a stunning visual element to your setup. Thanks to the built-in ARGB hub at the back of the case, you can synchronize the lighting effects of the fans with your motherboard's RGB utilities, creating a harmonious and captivating lighting display.The Ant Esports 711 Air Gaming PC Cabinet is a powerhouse designed to accommodate your gaming ambitions. With its spacious interior, extensive storage options, superior cooling capabilities, and convenient connectivity, this cabinet offers a seamless and immersive gaming experience. Take your gaming setup to the next level with the 711 Air and embrace the possibilities of unparalleled performance and style.
  • Spacious and Versatile Design: The Ant Esports 711 Air gaming PC cabinet offers ample space to house motherboards of up to EATX size, providing flexibility for various system configurations. With support for two 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" SSDs (or four 2.5" SSDs), you can easily accommodate your storage needs.
  • Excellent Cooling Capabilities: This cabinet is designed to keep your components cool during intense gaming sessions. It features support for a 360mm radiator on the top, allowing you to install a high-performance liquid cooling solution. Additionally, air coolers with a maximum height of 170mm can be installed, providing efficient air cooling options.
  • Advanced RGB Lighting: The Ant Esports 711 Air comes with four pre-installed ARGB fans that not only provide effective cooling but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your gaming rig. These fans can be synchronized with your motherboard's RGB utilities, allowing you to customize and control the lighting effects. The built-in ARGB hub at the back of the case ensures easy and organized connectivity.
  • Convenient Front I/O Panel: The cabinet features a front I/O panel that includes two USB 3.0 ports, providing fast and convenient connectivity for your peripherals. Additionally, it offers a USB Type-C port, enabling compatibility with the latest devices and ensuring future-proof connectivity options.
  • Sturdy Build Quality: The Ant Esports 711 Air is built with durability in mind. It features a robust construction and premium materials that provide excellent support to even the heaviest of components like beefy air coolers and thick graphics cards.

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