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Ant Esports Launches their Infinity TWS Gaming Earbuds

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February 26, 2022
February 26, 2022

Ant Esports, announced today the release of its Ant Esports Infinity True Wireless Gaming Earbuds. The earbuds with their pebble-like minimalist design are aimed at daily use as well as for gaming, especially for those who are looking for a decently priced pair of earbuds for competitive mobile gaming.

Using the build-in gaming mode users can experience low latency of 100ms for a more accurate and responsive gaming experience. The 13mm drivers produce ample bass and crisp treble while still maintaining a balanced gaming sound signature to deliver pinpoint spatial awareness for that extra edge in competitive gaming scenarios.

Thanks to its advanced algorithm implemented into the Infinity TWS, the earbuds offer a great noise cancellation experience for clear listening even in a crowded environment. In addition, the earbuds have an ergonomic shark fin design for ultimate comfort and grip, coupled with three different size ear tips for maximum comfort.

“Being a gaming-centric brand we wanted to cater to the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry in India with the same philosophy that drives Ant Esports, quality products at affordable pricing. The Infinity TWS is the first of many steps in that direction and also marks the evolution of Ant Esports as a comprehensive gaming brand.” Amit Putatunda, National Product Manager Ant Esports

Dual mic implementation ensures clear and crisp pickup of your voice even in noisy surroundings so you can have clear communication either over a call outdoors or simply when chatting with your teammates.

With an inclination towards hassle-free user experience, the Infinity TWS runs on Bluetooth 5.0 standards and comes with touch controls that allow multimedia functionalities such as play, pause, and even allows for taking and hanging up calls, all with an easy switch between normal and gaming mode. Touch assistance support digital assistants like Google and Siri for multi-platform compatibility and with auto-pairing mode users can pair the buds simply by flipping the case open.

Gamers and music lovers can enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life, as the earbuds hold 5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge and 25 hours of extra playtime in the case. They also come with a splash-resistant IPX4 design for ease of use even during outdoor activities.

Pricing and Availability

The Ant Esports Infinity TWS is available immediately from the Ant Esports nationwide network of authorized retailers and distributors, as well as direct from the Ant Esports and Amazon India web stores.

The Infinity TWS is backed by a one-year warranty and the Ant Esports nationwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of Ant Esports Infinity TWS please refer to the Ant Esports website or contact your local Ant Esports sales or PR representative.

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