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Gamer Connect Express Chandigarh

Event on Sep 14, 2019, by #GamerConnect in Chandigarh
Ant Esports had its presence registered at the first-ever gamer connect express event #GamerConnect in Chandigarh on September 14, 2019, with brands like Dell, Alienware, LG and many more all showcasing games running on the latest Nvidia GTX and RTX Graphics Cards. #GamerConnect is the most popular gaming Technology showcase platform hosted by Nvidia in different Indian cities with an average footfall of 2,000. The event turned out to be a success for Ant Esports as not only it showcased its extremely diverse and high-tech product line-up but also got to interact with the esports enthusiasts and professional gamers. The participants were extremely happy to receive the coolest merchandise like the mechanical keyboards and the headphones from Ant Esports.

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