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About us

Ant Esports was introduced in India in 2016 to provide a complete gaming experience. Not many brands were ready to bring gaming chairs to India so we decided to introduce a robust and comfortable line-up of gaming chairs.

Today, many brands are present in the Indian gaming market. Still, Ant esports’s build quality and flawless customer service carried them to the top.

Gaming Unlimited

Now, Ant esports has now introduced a wide range of peripherals to choose from for a flawless gaming experience.

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As something that started over half a century ago, is now one of the biggest industries in the world. Gaming has taken the entertainment field by storm in such a way that no one could have ever imagined. It has been so that the market for digital games grew 8 percent from 2014 to $61 billion, according to a new report from gaming intelligence firm SuperData Research. This should give people an idea of how big this industry has become. The first game had just a ball like figure bouncing between two platforms. Over the last five decades, gaming has grown into a giant powerhouse of entertainment and self-perpetuating revenue. We have come a long way as today, complete worlds have started to exist within machines that have become more powerful and efficient than ever before. As Personal computers get more affordable, more and more people are looking towards gaming as the preferred means of entertainment..
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Professional Gaming and Casual gaming

Gaming is no longer just a means of entertainment, but it is now a profession for many. It has evolved like any other major sport but just comes under the category of being a E-sport, where players compete against each other for the title and the money. Competitive gaming has grown leaps and bounds and now boasts huge amounts of money as its cash prizes for winning tournaments. When we look at the numbers, it exceeds over 16 million U.S dollars, which was the prize pool of The International DOTA 2 Championship.
Casual gaming is one of the biggest trends in the modern world with millions of people wanting to have a piece of the action in terms of the latest games and gaming technologies out there. Here, gaming cafes play a vital role in proving a cheap and viable option for a majority of these casual gamers. These games allow a gamer to explore vast open worlds and play through single player campaigns.These games are continuously pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity and graphical theatrics resulting in major requirements in computing power.

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