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Best mid-tower cases

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September 29, 2020
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Best mid-tower cases under Rs 3000 in 2020

written by: Sarfraz(https://www.xtremegaminerd.com/author/admin/), June 15, 2020

Most of us know how good the mid-tower cases are that are made by huge brands like Cooler Master, Corsair, Thermaltake, and NZXT. The only thing that deters us from buying those cases is the shortage of money. Generally speaking, a good mid-tower case from these brands will cost at least Rs 5000 and can easily go up to Rs 20,000 which is insane considering the fact that most of us have the budget to build a budget Gaming PC which has a cost starting from Rs 20,000 up to Rs 40,000.

Yes, there are enthusiasts too but they don’t need advice on choosing the best case under Rs 3000 as they are able to buy an expensive mid-tower case. This article is for only those gamers who want to get the best of aesthetics and functionality in a case in just under Rs 3000. A Rs 3000 case may seem like a poor choice but currently, there are so many good options online that it will actually become difficult for you to choose from them. Most of them have differences here and there a little bit but those will matter the most when you start building your PC.

This is where I suggest you to read the reviews of what I believe you should be taken care of when choosing the right mid-tower case to avoid the mistakes I did when I started to build my own gaming systems. If you want detailed advice, then you can watch my video below which is in Hindi and make your choice accordingly but I suggest you to also check out the recommendations in this list as the video is gonna be there for a while but the article changes regularly according to the options available online especially on Amazon.in.

Ant Esports ICE-200TG– Check Amazon Price


ICE-200TG from Ant Esports has good hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.in and is worthy of your buy for under Rs 3000. The case has very pleasing aesthetics that includes two RGB LED strips at the front that make a good design along with the zigzag pattern in between. The front panel has ventilation at the sides but unfortunately can’t take cool air inside directly from the front, so as compared to the BBC-8867, it’s airflow will be low but still sufficient if you are going to use a custom CPU cooler and one or two fans at the front and better if you add two or at least one fan at the top for exhaust.

It too has a full-length PSU shroud that will hide your power supply, cables, and hard drives. You can also install 2x SSDs at the back and there are more than enough routing holes to manage your cables properly. The case, however, I think lacks the cable routing hole at the top left side from where you can connect the EPS connector on your motherboard which is present in the Chiptronex Spline RGB case. It’s important for a neat build and also because many budget power supplies don’t have enough long EPS cable to route through the back diagonally.

On its PSU shroud, you will find two cutouts for cable routing and that is what you will need for connecting the front panel cables and PCI cable to the graphics card without creating a mess inside. It’s also capable of equipping radiators at the front, thanks to the clearance provided at the front of the PSU shroud. Don’t forget to check out the detailed review of this case in my vide listed at the beginning of this article.

What is Good

  • Appealing aesthetics with dual RGB LED Strips at the front and one RGB fan pre-installed
  • Comes with a side tempered glass panel
  • Fan filters installed for keeping the dust out
  • LED controller on the top for controlling RGB lighting
  • Can equip up to 240mm radiator at the front

What is Not

  • Insufficient ventilation as compared to the 3 cases above
  • Lack of enough clearance at the front for installing 280mm or 360mm radiator despite its capability of equipping 3x 120mm fans


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